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[XQTR-20 SG] Stamper Ink

[XQTR-20 SG] Stamper Ink

฿450.00 Regular Price
฿395.00Sale Price

!!️ Wholesale, buy 50 bottles or more, the most discount is 50 baht / bottle!!️
Ink for refilling rubber stamps Shachihata TAT brand model XQTR-20 SG
High quality ink, fast drying, fresh dark color, no sedimentation.
for filling rubber stamps Suitable for stamping on general surfaces such as steel, plastic, glass, leather,
Glossy paper or wood, etc.  quick-drying (approx. 1 minute) 
It is commonly used in the industrial parts manufacturing industry, using stamps on the work piece.

Size 20 ml. / bottle (Packaging: hard plastic bottle) 

There are 6 colors: black, white, red, green, blue, purple.


Water proof, light proof, heat proof, oil proof and chemical proof.

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