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Industrial Ink 


Shachihata Industrial Ink

industrial ink

Size : 55ML, 330 ML.
Color: black, white, red, blue, green
Properties: Can be used for stamping on all types of surfaces, quick drying and sticking firmly, long lasting, passed RoSH standards.

Skill Writer

Mixed rubber refill ink z-z912311429284_edited.png

Skill Writer

Properties: popularly used in metal drawings, the price is not high, cost-effective
Color: blue, green, red

There is a Skill Writer INK and a Skill Writer PEN.


Properties: commonly used in metal drawings. have an affordable price suitable for medium work
Color: blue, green, red

There are both Cosmo INK and Cosmo PEN.



Max Details Catalog 

We have a catalog where you can explore all our products to get more details.

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