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SHACHIHATA ink size 55ml and 300ml

SHACHIHATA ink size 55ml and 300ml

฿1,250.00 Regular Price
฿900.00Sale Price

Shachihata industrial ink, small bottle, model STSG-1, STSG-3 quick-drying type (about 1-2 minutes)

Stick firmly, long lasting, can be stamped on all kinds of material surfaces such as paper, glass, rubber, plastic, and wood.

Package size 55 ml. and 330ml. per bottle


SHACHIHATA TAT Ink STSG-1, STSG-3 small and large bottles

* Use with metal, plastic, glass, etc. Quick-drying stamp ink* (Genuine Japan)

STSG-1 small bottle 55 ml. 

STSG-3 big bottle 330ml.

(Ink color: Black Black / Red Red / Blue Blue / White White )***


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