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Industrial Ink 


industrial ink

Mag Detail Group Co., Ltd. sells ink for industrial use. Selling both standard high quality brands and well-known quality brands which has many options to choose from

CO2 Welding Wire

Size : 0.8 mm. , 0.9 mm ,1.0 mm. , 1.2 mm.

Packing :   1 roll/box, 1 tank
Weight : 15, 20 kg./roll and 250 kg. in drum type
Properties: Mild steel welding wire, easy to weld, good quality, high tensile strength, cheap price.

Roll and bucket type

Welding electrodes Co2Migz-z1285586672998_edited.png
1 wire CO2z-z1001296648048.webp

Brass welding rod

Size : 1.2 mm., 1.6 mm., 2.0 mm ,2.4 mm., 3.0 mm.
Length : 500 mm., 1000 mm.

Weight : 10 kg.
Properties: Used to weld metal, iron, copper, high quality.

Round and coil type


Silver welding rod

Size : 1.6 mm. , 2.0 mm ,2.4 mm. , 3.0 mm.
Length : 500 mm.,

Weight : 10 kg.
Properties: used for welding dissimilar metals, good penetration, high quality welding, beautiful surface, easy welding, good fluidity 

Round and ring type


Aluminum welding wire

aluminum flux cored welding wire New innovation for welding rods  with flux inserted in the wire. For welding dissimilar metals such as copper to aluminum or

aluminum on aluminum It is often used in the air-conditioning industry, refrigeration equipment, and automobiles, providing excellent work quality. and save time

Material :Aluminum fix cored wire
Type :WR-FCO315
Brazing temperature :535 ◦ C-565 ◦ C
Chemical compositon :AlSi12
Form:Rod, Wire, Ring




Round Bar and Seam Welder

Properties :  for forming, strength and good electrical conductivity.

Spec  :  CuCrZr
Size : From 8 mm, – 65 mm.
Length : 1000mm,
Weight : according to size Diameter 


Square copper z-z49167148003.webp

Bar type

Spec  :  CuCrZr
Size : 200
Length : 500mm,



Tank Xinrui_edited.jpg

Vapour Tank

Model :  XRHF-150-A, XRHF-150-B, XRHF-160-D  
Size : 360x240x760 mm. ,360x240x450 mm.
Weight : 12/14.3  kg.  
Max Gas Flow = 3m3/h
Features:   is a stainless steel tank, rustproof, with Spare tank, can contain a lot of liquid, there is a valve to adjust the pressure in and out.


Flux (flux)

Model :  FB 401L , 402L, 403L, 404L, 405L  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58dbad
Size : 20 Liter / Drum
Weight :  18 kg. 
Properties :   is a welding flux. To be mixed with welding gas It will be mixed into the Flux tank for ease of use and safety.

XR-800 N_edited.jpg

Gas Saver

Product Name : Xin Rui Gas Saver

Model : XR-800 N  
Features :  helps to save gas. Adjust the pressure to maintain a stable pressure level. and has an automatic ignition system.

Max Details Catalog 

We have a catalog where you can explore all our products to get more details.

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