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aluminum flux cored welding wire

aluminum flux cored welding wire

1 Kilogram

Aluminum Flux Core Welding Wire Innovation for welding wire  with flux inserted in the wire. For welding dissimilar metals such as copper to aluminum or

aluminum on aluminum It is often used in the air-conditioning industry, refrigeration equipment, and automobiles, providing excellent work quality. and save time

Material : Aluminum fix cored wire

size: 2.0mmx500mm

Weight : 10 kg per pack
Type :WR-FCO315
Brazing temperature :535 ◦ C-565 ◦ C
Chemical compositon :AlSi12
Form:Rod, Wire, Ring

1. Wonderful  permeability and spreading abillty 
2.Wonderful corrosion resistance
3. Easy to operate with lower brazing temperature
4. Environment friendly and contains no chlorideiron, SGS products have passed.
5. Post braze cleaning is not required as the flux and its residues are non-hygroscopic.

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