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[STAMP PAD] Shachihata ATU (Blank Stamp Pad)

[STAMP PAD] Shachihata ATU (Blank Stamp Pad)


empty stamp pad For shachihata brand ink especially, there is a locking cap to prevent the ink from drying out.
Compatible with all TAT industrial inks, made in Japan

Good quality plastic cartridge, strong, durable, not brittle or easily broken. There is a lock that keeps it closed.
thus keeping the ink for a long time And the stamp pad can absorb a lot of ink. and good ink distribution
Good resistance to corrosion of ink.

There are 3 sizes to choose from:

1. Model Medium  Model ATU-2, size 56 x 90 mm.

2. Model Large  model ATU-3 size 67 x 106 mm.

3. Model Extra Large  Model ATU-4, size 87 x 143 mm.

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